Today or any other

He asked me today why do I love him.  What answer should that question have. All, many, enough. 

But is there enough to say in words what one feels. How can you explain to him how every piece of your body enjoyed being next to him. How your heart skips a beat when he smiles with his eyes. How with every kiss you feel more and more fulfilled. 

Beside, some things may sound oddly to the world like how you feel when he allows you to see behind the eyes that take all your fears away. 

*late night thoughts *

I’ve learned that behind those eyes that take all your fears away there  is someone expecting to be understood, loved and cherished.

– the day he asked  why do I love him. 


Stairs, lights and a quiet night She was there 

Thinking of how life enjoyed being lived     

What was in her head, no one knows 

But for sure the things that torment her were sad

She smiles every day 

Who knew that one day she’ll get bored of pretending? 

She took her smile and packed it in a suitcase and send it far away 

Maybe someone somewhere is smiling now because of her 

Life’s tricky

She never had the chance to dream again. 

-the girl who never saw the day. 

How beautiful life is? 

Why, those  who don’t appreciate life, live longer? And how come those who do, can’t do anything to make theirs longer? Tell me, is that fair? 

Of course you’ll say who am I to judge who deserves what? But, I, despite you, am trying to resolve the mystery of faith. Because those who, in their humble life, don’t think about world’s greatest secrets are lost. 

Lost to themselves and for those around them.  So I, as humble as I am, am questioning life’s core. Can you, as humble as you are,  do the same? 
– the MAN that dreamed about life 


Au ajuns la sfârșit,

De ce nu se bucură?! 

Sunt triști…

De acum înainte sunt singuri, 

Siguri și înconjurați de atâta lume. 
Adio și pe mai târziu! 

And my heart is a hollow plane
For the devil to dance again !

Nu știu să înot !

Valuri de suspine îți inundă mintea
Și te trezești sugrumat de vise.

Toate acele „momente” sunt doar plăsmuiri ale imaginației tale.

Când ai pierdut tot, respiră!

All you never say – Birdy

Are you uncertain?


Asteptand nimicul
Las in urma mea
Fire de par rupte.

Fete cu cute
Plecate pe banci…

Un moment de pauza
Totul e relaxat
Imbratisarea unei vesti bune.

Zambete, aluzii discrete
Buclele curg fericite.

Si gata
Revenim la ce-a fost
O asteptare izbitoare…

Inchid ochii si sper
Ca timpul va sti incotro sa zboare
Ma visez-
Asteptand nimicul…
Si EL nu apare.

Ceva special

Adele -One and only

„I dare you to let me be your, your one and only,
Promise I’m worth it,
To hold in your arms,
So come on and give me a chance,
To prove I am the one who can walk that mile,
Until the end starts”

O melodie superba, merita savurata !

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